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Raw lobster tail

Raw Lobster Tail

Natural Texture & Fresh Taste

Paturel™ North American Raw Lobster Tails are produced from only hard shell lobsters and brine frozen to maintain the lobster’s natural texture and sweet flavor.

Our premium product is produced with a three part process to ensure the very best taste. First the tails are brine frozen, blast frozen and then double or triple glazed with a glaze layer goal of 8% - 12%. Our multiple glaze layer process captures the freshness and locks it in until product is thawed and eaten.

Raw Lobster Tails are packaged in a 10 lbs. Master Carton, available year round.

Available Sizes

3-4 oz. (84-113g)
4 oz. (113g)
4-5 oz. (113-142g)
5-6 oz. (142-170g)
6-7 oz. (170-200g)
7-8 oz. (200-230g)
8-10 oz. (230–290g)
10-12 oz. (290-340g)
12-14 oz. (340-397g)
14-16 oz. (397-453g)
16-20 oz. (453-567g)
20-24 oz. (567-680g)

Frozen whole cooked lobster

Frozen Whole Cooked Lobster

Bulk-Packed or Individually Netted

Paturel™ North American Frozen Whole Cooked Lobsters are offered frozen glazed bulk-packed or individually netted for easier handling.

Orders can be customized in 100-gram increments with typical packs by bulk weight or by size range and count (e.g. 350g X 16 lobsters/case or 500g X 12 lobsters/case, etc.) in a 6 kgs. / 12 lbs. Master Carton, produced to order.

Frozen lobster popsicles

Lobster Popsicles

Fresh Caught Taste

Paturel™ Fresh Whole Cooked North American Lobster packaged in vacuum sealed bags with saltwater brine and frozen to preserve the lobster’s fresh caught taste.

Whole Cooked North American Lobsters are frozen with a layer of protective ice in each bag, ensuring minimum breakage and maintaining freshness until product is thawed and eaten.


Frozen Popsicles are available in 300/350/400/450g sizes, processed mainly from May to June and from August to September.

Cocktail lobster claws

Cocktail Lobster Claws

Empress-Cut for Individual Handling

Paturel™ North American Cocktail Lobster Claws are Empress-Cut with the shell completely removed making the lobster meat 100% easily accessible leaving only the shell on the smallest part of claw for individually handling. Cocktail Lobster Claws are cooked and individually quick frozen (IQF).

Frozen Fresh Product Details

Product Size:2 lbs., 10-14/16-20 count/bag

Master Carton Pack:12x2 lb., produced to order

Frozen fresh lobster meat

Lobster Meat

Ready To Serve

Paturel™ North American Lobster Meat is presented in vacuum-sealed bags and contain claw and knuckle (CK) meat cooked, frozen and ready to serve.

Frozen Fresh Product Details

Product Size:2 lbs. (907g)

Master Carton Pack:6x2 lb.

Frozen fresh lobster claws and arms

I.Q.F. Lobster Claws & Arms

Natural Texture & Flavor

Paturel™ North American Lobster Claws and Arms are available blanched and brine-frozen to maintain the lobster’s natural texture and flavor. Lobster Claws and Arms are also available triple scored for a "snap and eat product", fully cooked and frozen. Available year-round in accordance with our stringent inventory system that ensures a full-meated lobster product.

Frozen Fresh Product Details

Product Size:2 lbs.

Master Carton Pack:Regular: 20x2 lb.
"Snap and eat": 12x2 lb.